Video & Photography

Make Your Business the Star of the Show

At Mentation Media, we recognize the unparalleled power of video and photography in digital communications.

Engaging visuals are key to capturing attention, expanding reach, and making a lasting impact.
Equipped with state-of-the-art gear, expert talent, and a purpose-built in-house studio, we create premium-quality videos and photos without the need for Hollywood budgets.

From concept development and scripting to shooting and editing, we collaborate with you to produce compelling visual content. Whether it's industry commentary, customer success stories, expert tips, or leadership profiles, our team ensures every project reflects your brand’s essence.

Additionally, we capture high-quality photos of your team, operations, customers, and products in action.

Our Video and Photography Solutions Include:

  • Corporate Headshots: Professional portraits that convey your team's personality and professionalism.
  • Product Photography: Capturing your products in our in-house studio to highlight their best features.
  • 360° Video and Photography: Immersive visuals that provide an all-around view of your products or spaces.
  • Drone Video and Photography: Aerial shots that offer a unique perspective of your operations or events.
  • High-End Image Retouching: Enhancing images to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.
  • Onsite Photography: Covering events, case studies, and real-time action shots at your location.
  • Animated Video and Infographics: Bringing complex ideas to life with engaging animations and infographics.
  • Full Range of Video Services: Including hype reels, training videos, product demos, interviews, and more.

At Mentation Media, we blend creativity with technical expertise to produce visual content that not only looks stunning but also drives engagement and growth. Let us make your business the star of the show with our comprehensive video and photography services.


Our Clients

Here are a few projects we are proud to have been part of, along with what our clients have to say about us.